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Wild Virginia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to protecting and connecting your favorite wild places. Through partnerships with other environmental advocacy groups we: We educate citizens, landowners, and other stakeholders about threats to our forests through hikes, outings and events. We advocate for the connectivity and integrity of Virginia’s forests and waters. We influence decision makers by mobilizing citizens like you.

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Friday Jan 28, 2022

Listen to Brie Hashem, Director of Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary, discuss the importance of crossings for orphaned wildlife in Virginia. The Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary is a nonprofit that works to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native wildlife in Central Virginia. In this podcast, Hashem shares more about the important work of the sanctuary in treating native wildlife and highlights the need for increased research on wildlife vehicle collisions to determine locations for crossings.  

Thursday Nov 04, 2021

Vernal pools are bodies of water that develop for short periods of time throughout Appalachia as a result of snowmelt and seasonal rainfall. During the seasonal shift from winter to spring, vernal pools become major breeding sites for macro-invertebrates and amphibians like salamanders.
Steven David Johnson is a conservation photographer and professor of visual and communication arts at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Through his captivating wildlife photography, Johnson conveys Virginia's rich biodiversity and advocates for its preservation. In one of his conservation photography courses, Johnson helps students to utilize the visual narrative power of nature photography to promote environmental protection in partnership with nonprofits. In this podcast, Johnson shares what led him to conservation photography and focuses on his recent work documenting regional salamander biodiversity. He discusses some of his procedures for capturing their lifecycles, as well as some of the ethical practices he implements when working underwater. Some of his phenomenal work can be found on his website: Steven has kindly shared his amazing photos in Wild Virginia's popular series "Window to the Woods"

Tuesday Jul 20, 2021

Listen to Wild Virginia’s Conservation Director, David Sligh, to learn about recent developments concerning the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).
The EPA recently released a letter with the recommendation to withhold a Clean Water Act permit for MVP. The current design of the pipeline threatens a variety of water bodies across Virginia and West Virginia, therefore the EPA does not recommend granting the permit. The Army Corps of Engineers has the power to decide the status of this permit. The EPA's letter cited serious and threatening water quality issues. Similarly, Wild Virginia also voiced these concerns to the Army Corps of Engineers. Ultimately, the letter aims to hold the Army Corps of Engineers accountable. Listen in to hear David Sligh explain the significance of the EPA’s letter and its future implications.

Tuesday Jul 06, 2021

Conservation photography is the intentional use of photography to advocate and promote conservation. This includes being mindful of the impact of photography on wildlife. A photographer must be careful not to disrupt the natural habits of animals or their habitats. Loud sounds or an unfortunate misstep could have negative impacts on species.
Lori Cash is a conservationist, wildlife photographer, writer, and blogger who has used nature photography to share the importance of conservation and appreciation of the natural world. In this podcast, Cash discusses the importance of ethics and consideration when capturing wildlife. This includes considering personal responsibility, the dignity of nature, and the power that humans hold over the natural world. Her work focuses on conservation in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Friday May 14, 2021

Join Katie Keller, Wild Virginia’s Publicity and Outreach Director, and David Sligh, Conservation Director, in their chat about the Virginia’s Water Future Campaign. In this podcast, they discuss the motivation behind the campaign, the specific changes it promotes, and the ways you can get involved.

Wednesday Apr 21, 2021

Eleanor Goldfield, journalist, activist, and filmmaker, showcases the hard journey of West Virginia.
"Resource colony, sacrifice zone, just a throwaway opioid state full of Trumpers and hillbillies...right? Yes, West Virginia is home to pain, suffering, oppression, corruption and bigotry – you know, so unlike the rest of the country. But much more than a microcosm of our agony, West Virginia is an example of radical resolve. Proud rednecks, the people here are still fighting and building in the hills and hollers; working to connect their past to a broken present and the potential future that we all share. It's a Hard Road of Hope, a pot-holed, precarious and puddled path past the Kings of coal and gas, but they keep walking. We would do well to walk with them for a while – and listen."

Thursday Apr 01, 2021

Despite developers’ hopes of completing the Mountain Valley Pipeline by the end of 2021, Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality has told federal officials that it won’t be able to issue a new water quality permit for the project’s stream crossings before December.
David Sligh, Conservation Director, hashes out the whole situation.
DEQ's request is a big deal, which Wild Virginia immediately supported.

Friday Feb 05, 2021

Over $500 million per year spent on wildlife / vehicle collisions in our state. Executive Director, Misty Boos, joins Publicity and Outreach Director, Katie Keller, to talk about connecting habitat and some recent legislation that has bipartisan support.
Connecting habitat doesn't have to be expensive, we just nee to think critically and be innovative to protect wildlife and Virginia citizens.

Friday Oct 23, 2020

Wild Virginia's Publicity & Outreach Director, Katie Keller, was joined by Daniel White, AKA the Blackalachian to chat about his journey hiking the Appalachian Trail, how he's staying sane during #COVID19, and even talk a little bit of trash. A true adventurer, he tells us about some of his favorite hikes and what he hopes to do for his next exploration.
Email info@wildvirginia.org if you'd like to be a part of #wildvirginiavirtualcoffeetalk

Thursday Oct 08, 2020

Wild Virginia interviewed the Virginia Community Rights Network (VACRN) about their work in elevating the rights of Nature and Communities who value nature as a whole. VACRN represents a new paradigm in how to fight for the environment, as part of the environment. VACRN joins other grassroots groups fighting for the Rights of Nature, and was founded after being introduced to a Community Bill of Rights in the Fall of 2017, during their fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

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